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One of the perks of working for Pedri Animation is the diversity of the jobs. So it isn’t all about animating, molding and casting. Modelling is a big part of the job and in more than one way. Handmodelling can be a part of my job description that is to say, whenever I’m free of […]

update 2016

update 2015-16-17 By starting to update this site I realized that I haven’t posted anything here in forever. Time to change this, the last 2 years have been crazy, amazing, overwhelming, packed with different experiences and a big change. Due to my big change,  the trip in 2017 (without laptop and with malfunctioning smartphone) I […]

side project

Blogging is not really in my system yet. But if you’re working on a nice little side project just for yourself you better share it 😉 So guys here are some pictures I took during the process, it’s not done yet so if I have an end result I will post again 🙂  

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