Déjà vu?

During my internship with Pedri Animation I had the opportunity to help with some modelling for Moneyou. It was really nice to do this, apart form the modelling after a design I also got to design and realize the clay designs for camera for a promotional video. In the summer of 2016 I was asked […]

The Journey

This is not a metaphor for improvement (not even sure I did improve, it’s just different) but for the incredible time I had at the Journey Hostel in Colombia. First of all: go there, Colombia in general and then if you are there anyway visit the hostel! I came back, for the fourth time, last […]


One of the perks of working for Pedri Animation is the diversity of the jobs. So it isn’t all about animating, molding and casting. Modelling is a big part of the job and in more than one way. Handmodelling can be a part of my job description that is to say, whenever I’m free of […]

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