The Journey

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This is not a metaphor for improvement (not even sure I did improve, it’s just different) but for the incredible time I had at the Journey Hostel in Colombia. First of all: go there, Colombia in general and then if you are there anyway visit the hostel! I came back, for the fourth time, last April and they had some painting stuff waiting for me…… This included repainting 4 bathrooms, I only had 3 weeks (I managed though), luckily they had already in mind what they wanted. I will add in time all the bathrooms but for now, because I promised on instagram I’m going to share at least one part of it


You might have guessed it already, the theme of this bathroom is birds indeed. To be more precise birds that live in and around Tayrona national park. In the end I painted 10 different species, because there are more than 1900 species of birds known in Colombia and they are still counting…….

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